Ruafilm works with non-profit organizations to tell impactful stories through film, photography and journalism. We believe that audiovisual productions can serve to raise up voices that provide a different point of view.

Rua Film

Leonardo Rua has been working for more than twelve years as a filmmaker for TV, advertisements, documentary films, reports and institutional videos. His films are rooted in the inextricable link between music and images. Leonardo has focused his work primarily in the Pacific Coast region of Colombia and in the United States. 

Looking to deepen his technical knowledge of screenwriting, Leonardo decided to pursue a Masters degree in Madrid, Spain where he wrote his first fiction film “Renacientes”, and his first TV script, “Ximena.”  Leo believes in using film to create bridges and timeless connections, where everyone’s story deserves a chance to be shared and heard.

Our Clients

USAID, Ministerio de Cultura, Heartland Alliance International, VPRO Holland Televisión, Ministerio de Salud, Fundación Ayara, PCN Proceso de Comunidades Negras, Programar TV, Canal IBE, Señal Colombia..

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